FULL DORM BEDSKIRT (select your fabric)
Poplar House Dorm Bedding

FULL DORM BEDSKIRT (select your fabric)

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Dorm Bedskirt is custom made for a Full size dorm room bed.  

Two Panels Provided (Side and End Panel)

Typically dorm beds are up against a wall.  The side panel is for the long side of the bed that is not against the wall.  The end panel is for the foot of the bed.

The side panel is split in the center with a pleat.  Each side to the left and right of the pleat can be lifted to access storage under the bed.

The bedskirt is lined and has ties for attaching to the box springs.  Height can be adjusted by simply tying the panels higher or lower.  

Height: 34"

Queen and King sizes available upon request.  Email us for a custom quote at poplarhousedormbedding@gmail.com

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